Taking photos of wildflowers just might make you a criminal!

I enrolled in a field botany graduate class at the University of Michigan in 1983 and since then, one of my hobbies has been to walk forest trails all over North America and take pictures of the many wildflowers that grow along the paths I’ve walked. Over the years, I’ve taken a lot of pictures and many of them are worthy of framing. I had hoped to take many more. I’ve also considered that when I retire, I might frame them and rent a booth at various arts and craft shows around the country to sell them to help finance my camping trips and try to supplement my income in old age. God knows Social Security will be bankrupt by the time I might need it… It’s prudent to have a Plan B.

Snapping this photo will soon be a felony without proper federal government permits

But now, that’s not going to happen. You see, the federal government doesn’t want me to prosper at their expense and because I am a greedy capitalist pig, I will surely be put on trial, while Progressives applaud, for owning a picture of a Trillium or a Dogwood, the origins of which I cannot prove after 30 years of taking photos. If they were taken on Federal lands and I did not pay for a permit, I am a criminal. ┬áSurely the government has been victimized and has lost an opportunity here to tax something. I guess I have to remove some of the photos I have on Facebook or I could end up in jail (see IRS Scandal against conservatives for more information).

This may seem ludicrous, but the exact letter of the law states that I could be a criminal for owning a photo on my cell phone of a Dandelion or a Lily. Shouldn’t they be chasing terrorists or illegal aliens or something? But I digress… If I had to guess at the origins of all of this crap, I would have to say that the movie Hunger Games, which was rather fiscally successful, and was filmed on federal lands in the woods of North Carolina, did not provide a kickback or a payoff to a politician, to be allowed to film there, and that really pissed someone off. They are accustomed to having someone put cash in their pockets and kiss their proverbial a$$es to be granted permission to do pretty much anything these days and it has come to their attention, that they missed out on an opportunity to cash in. THIS is how government works (or doesn’t as the case may be).

Don’t take your cell phone with you into the woods next summer when you take a nature hike to look at a waterfall. We know you actually intend to Photoshop your wife and kids out of the photo and sell it on eBay! Confess already… You need to be punished…!! They take VISA and Mastercard BTW.


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