Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

I have no issues with women or minorities holding top positions in government or military, but I am questioning whether the President’s pathological quest for politically correct diversity overrides the importance of employing the best possible talent to these top positions.  Look at the recent appointment of Lori J. Robinson, a woman who has never flown an airplane who has just been confirmed a the head of the entire Pacific Air Force.  It may very well be that Lori is the best choice, but the criteria for this President’s choices have never been a matter of experience or talent, but rather based on equal opportunity and affirmative action principles.  In my opinion, this smells a great deal like the values of a Socialist Community Organizer from Chicago and not a US Commander in Chief.

I am left to wonder whether the WWII invasion on the beaches of Normandy would have been successful if President Roosevelt had opted for someone other than General Douglas MacArthur and George S Patton because he valued the need for more women and mnority 4-star and 5-star Generals in positions of leadership.  Perhaps we’d all be speaking German right now?  Trusting the entire Pacific Air Force with growing tensions with China and Russia to an ROTC cadet English Major from the University of Vermont vs an Air Force Academy graduate, someone with zero piloting experience largely because of her gender scares the hell out of me…  and it should scare the hell out of you, too, particularly if you live on the west coast.

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