The Military-Entertainment Complex

Constitutionally protected free speech was always meant to represent the ‘unofficial 4th branch of government’ allowing ‘the people’ via the printing press to act as one of the important checks and balances against complete governmental hegemony over the people. But author of the US Constitution, James Madison, could never have anticipated the emergence of a mega-media, satellite communication/fiber optic based video in an instant world where our entire populations now sits on their couches eating chips and gorging on an average of 10+ hours of media per day. This is the primary source of serotonin release for the entire population where the very neurons of the brains of everyone in our nation has been and continue to be rewired.
While we don’t yet know the long term effects of prolonged exposure to media on the human brain, the early evidence suggests a certain culpability of each of us who allow ourselves to be controlled and manipulated by what we consume. While once in US history, the ‘Press/Media’ held the role of reporting news, mass media has increasingly felt it is within their power and indeed within the purview of their purpose to actually create news from thin air. However, news cannot be manufactured without two things: premeditation and an ample number of willing participants who can be controlled and mobilized to think and act according to the will of those in control of the event.
Eisenhower coined the phrase for a concept now widely accepted in many circles both liberal and conservative : The Military-Industrial Complex. But the changing paradigms of society and new technologies now require a rethinking and a rewording of this concept to the new post-industrial realities – The Military-Entertainment Complex. Indeed, mass manipulation of whole populations to surrender in a war we don’t even realize is being waged without a single bullet being fired is a compelling idea, too compelling for those in search of world domination to not take seriously, while working towards and investing heavily in. Following the trail of money today in mass media tells a very interesting story, quite ‘newsworthy’ actually, but don’t expect media moguls to engage in any self-deprecating or whistle blowing on their own activities. The revolution will not be televised. You may have to wrap your own head in tin foil to actually see it for what it is while enduring the scorn and ridicule of the entire rest of the 10+ hrs a day media consuming public who think that you’ve lost your mind.
But let’s assume I’m right. What would it have to look like if there really is a Military-Entertainment Complex? It would look exactly like it does today. Politics has been reduced to gladiator sport entertainment in the tradition of the Roman’s Colosseum. Lot’s of serotonin released watching either your favorite or even your least favorite politician these days, yes? But like any good board game, in the end, someone will actually control the US Military and possibly the world – game over. By way of example, phrases like “Islamic Terrorism” are racist, politically incorrect and just don’t exist to some, cannot be uttered and thus, war cannot be declared on anyone currently in power because it does not suit the agenda of those in control of the current Military-Entertainment Complex machine. They will decide, while profiting handsomely I might add, and while ruling over us, who the winners and losers will be, giving us the illusion of having a choice, while we give our thumbs up or thumbs down to their predetermined outcomes over candidates, policies and social issues. In the end, just like in the days of Rome, the Emperor really had the last word in such matters. Our values, our morals and even our freedom to believe in God is being scripted by the manufactured societal pressure of hundreds of millions of our peers nationwide but whose strings are visible only to those who choose not to dance to the whim of the puppeteer.  I am more than a bit skeptical whether there is a universal acceptance on so many issues which have already been decided since I have never actually been asked what my opinion might be on any of these issues. I can, however tell you that I am quite aware of what I am supposed to think, what I am supposed to value, what I am being told to think, and it is very different from what I thought and valued less than a decade ago – and yet, I have not changed… Hmmm…
Therefore, is it so far fetched to think that the outcome has already been decided before we even decide for ourselves? A coup d’etat is in progress. They are deciding for us, what is fact and what is fiction – what is right and what is wrong. They have deciding what words will be shouted from the rooftops and what words can never be uttered even in the privacy of our own homes. They promote their own agenda and wage war on some in the court of so-called ‘public opinion’ while letting their own darlings go without so much as a reprimand for major crimes of treason. We are at war with a hostile force that we don’t even know exists. The first rule in the ‘Art of War’ according to military philosopher Sun Tzu is to ‘Know Thy Enemy’.
“So it is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be put at risk even if you have a hundred battles. If you only know yourself, but not your opponent, you may win or may lose. If you know neither yourself nor your enemy, you will always endanger yourself.”
So, what will you do, you who daily buy a ticket to see the blood spilled in the Colosseum? You watch with a twisted and sick fascination for 10+ hours a day and still don’t yet recognize that the blood is your own.