The FDA Targets Breweries

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From Article: County wants spent brewery grain exempt from FDA rules

Not that I support the FDA’s new rules nor do I feel they that they are either intelligent or ‘well intended’ rules as Buncombe County Boards of Commissioners Chairman Democrat David Gantt says they are, but I have to wonder on what grounds do county leaders feel the county deserves special consideration by way of exemption from a federal directive to which the rest of the country must adhere? Is it because Asheville is a city of many ‘Green’ advocates, politically correct thinkers or Progressive Democrat voters (the Ann Arbor of the south)? This same symbiotic relationship between brewers and farmers exists across the nation and as much as I love the culture in Asheville, it is not so unique to be considered ‘special’ over brewers in Maine, Michigan or Oregon. Aren’t we tired of ‘special deals’ in Washington DC for political allies? I am. Why doesn’t Gantt instead speak up about how this is a matter of governmental overreach rather than request special dispensation? Is that fair? Equitable?

Nobody tends to care about government overreach until it affects them personally I suppose. It might be a worthy consideration that the federal government is not necessarily and automatically a friend to anyone by default by merely possessing certain values. Is that what Gantt is implying by his suckup comments to a Democratic administration about how these regulations are ‘well intended’? They are not.

It is important to note is that the “growth of the craft brewing industry in 2013 was 18% by volume and 20% by dollars compared to growth in 2012 of 15% by volume and 17% by dollars”. The federal government can’t effectively tax something unless they have complete control and this industry is proving to have increasingly ‘deep pockets’. The ‘transaction’ between brewers and farmers is not one of ‘cash’ but it is a transaction nonetheless and transactions apparently need to be taxed. This is the mentality in Washington DC and your local economy or small business be damned.

As a sum total in the nation, the new microbrewery small businesses forming across the nation represent billions of dollars of revenue and it’s apparently not enough that they pay the taxes they already do. They are merely good candidates for an additional shakedown. Follow the money as it invariably leads to the truth of the matter. I predict this will very quickly become all about the money and there WILL BE a financial transaction, but it will be with the government.

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