Rutgers commencement controversy: Condoleezza Rice backs out of giving the Commencement Address

Ok.  So what does Rice backing out of giving the Commencement Address at a publicly funded university graduation ceremony have to do with religion?  Plenty…  and nothing at all…

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice

In spite of the fact that Rice was selected unanimously by the Rutgers University by the university commencement committee or that the Rutgers University Student Assembly voted on March 27 against revoking the invitation, a small percentage of vocal student Muslim organizations protested her invitation saying that the university had no right to invite her without their permission. A group of faculty members supported this idea (because she is not a Democrat) and gave license to the views of the minority opinion.

Because Rice was Secretary of State under George W. Bush during his War on Terror campaign, Muslim groups feel that Muslims have been unfairly targeted by her with “grave human rights violations, defrauding the American public” and “unequivocal support for enhanced torture tactics” and that Rice should be tried as a war criminal.  

One can only guess as to how these groups (or their Liberal professors) would respond if Hillary Clinton were chosen to deliver the speech since when she was in the parallel situation of occupying the role of Secretary of State under Obama which included chronic and widespread drone attacks on Muslim civilians and the unquestioned escalation of hostilities in his continuation of the War on Terror in Afghanistan during the early years of his presidency.  Even the pre-Bush years under Bill Clinton had sketchy policies of acting on flawed WMD intelligence and waging air warfare campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Where’s the outrage among Muslim groups and college professors when Democrats commit the same ‘atrocities’?  Crickets…

These gross inconsistencies can only be explained by removing the guise of religious persecution against Muslims and all you have left are party politics as usual.  Rice caved rather than be the center of intense controversy and I don’t blame her.  But Fox News and other conservative groups feel she should have fought it out to expose the truth in all of this.  But it is her life and I support her freedom to do what is best for herself.

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